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Hello friends!

I hope that you are all enjoying whatever may be left of summer and that you have had lots of fun gatherings and adventures! I intend on squeezing out every minute of outdoor fun before fall hits us.

But, when even I can't deny that summer may be wrapping up, we turn our attention for preparing for the inevitable. Yes, there is the eager anticipation of another hockey season starting but there are also things like booking an appointment to have the winter tires put on, and getting prepared for the impending change to not summer. To make this transition easier around home I am going to give you some friendly reminders of those pesky tasks that will need to be done.

Winter Proofing Your Home..there, I used the W word...

Clean the

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Hello all,

I am so glad to be looking out my window at blue sky while I write this; let the summer fun finally begin!

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting up with a dear friend and amazing interior designer, Laura Fenniak, who has LF Design and was formerly a lead designer at Smith and Co Studio. After a good catch up, we got down to business to chat about the current trends in interior design. Obviously, this is a topic that comes up a lot for my clients. Often when making a house purchase, we have to look beyond the current decor and even the layout to see what can be possible in their new space. Some people have the knack for being able to see the forest for the trees, but this can be very challenging for many. If you are in the latter camp I

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Hello friends,

Today is an exciting day! I have thought and talked about starting this blog for a long time and finally I have taken the leap! I have been brainstorming and looking for ideas on what topics you might find interesting and informative. I thought that I better do this because I find almost any subject that relates to real estate very interesting although it might feel as dull as ditchwater to the rest of you. Thanks to those of you that were able to give me some great suggestions.  

I look forward to answering common questions, talking about some interesting and cutting edge home improvements, discussing different aspects of the real estate market as well as keeping you informed of exciting local events that are happening in and around

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